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17Safety70833Ready - REALTOR Safety & Self-Defense TrainingThis safety course will help students recognize bad intentions without denial, empower themselves with the knowledge and tools to handle a crisis, to always be aware of surroundings and listen to their instincts. Students will learn about instincts, awareness, and danger signs to look for. This will give agents the ability to recognize and empower themselves to deal with a dangerous situation. This class will also teach students step-by-step safety measures for keeping themselves safe as well as giving them new protocols to use and bring back to their workplace. Students will learn a new protocol to drastically cut the likelihood of being a victim and best practices for safety while conducting an open house, working with vacant homes or inside of mode homes. It will also give students a plan and measures to deal with safety concerns. Lastly, the class will discuss different types of weapons agents may carry and the Georgia laws on them.
Debbie Coble