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Mark Teytel
Livestream Available  In 1989, at the age of 22, Mark Teytel arrived in the United States (his dream country) as a refugee from the Soviet Union seeking to live freely and with integrity. Mark has served over 25 years as a successful real estate broker. His education, knowledge and tireless work ethic allowed him to become a leader in the Atlanta real estate industry. Many of you may remember seeing dozens of billboards with Mark’s motto: “MARKit UP, MARKit DOWN, MARKit SOLD.” While Mark was completing transactions in any market and serving the community with all their real estate needs, he also was training and advancing many new real estate agents. His valuable resources, wisdom, and insights help them to become successful professionals. Mark's knowledge extends to appraisals and evaluations, selling and leasing, the handling of the distress sale transaction, and the implementation of mortgage lending innovations just to name few. Mark’s extensive experience also includes dealing with corporate REO and relocation sellers, first-time buyers, unique market niches makes him an expert in the ups and downs of real estate industry. Mark is a recipient of several industry awards: Double Phoenix Award, Million Dollar Club Award, and many more. Mark was the 2012 #1 bestselling residential real estate agent in NAMAR. In 2010, Mark became a licensed Georgia Mortgage Originator, in 2017, he co-founded TapMoney Mortgage Brokers, and in 2020 TapMoney Institute. Mark’s passion is to help his fellow real estate professionals to achieve their best performance and compensation possible in the industry. Mark is eager to share his extensive knowledge with peers and clients so they can reach their maximum potential. View List of Courses